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Download the official Spank Bank Android app

As you probably already know Google does not allow any sort of adult application in the Google Play Store.

This is why you have to download and install our Android application manually. You may have to allow “Install unknown apps” in “Setting” > “Apps” > “Special app accsess” > “Install unknown apps” > In here choose your browser and click Allow from this source.

Unknown Sources Samsung Install

Tap this link to download the APK file.

This version is much more stable than the previous ones (99.99% stable).

The app requires no special permissions however when updating it might ask for permission to access your files simply to be able to overwrite itself.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Apple / iOS / Iphone / Ipad version?

It doesn’t exist because it is impossible to make an adult application for the Apple devices, due to Apple’s policy.

Is this app safe?

Our app contains no malware of any kind, no spyware, no trojan, or anything that could harm our users.

Something is not working / I have a problem with the app.

Keep checking for new versions. Major issues are fixed within days or a up to a week.

Update log

1.0 First release 2023/07/19

1.1 Version 2023/07/20

  • Splash screen fix
  • Icon fix
  • Search bar fix
  • Small bug fixes
  • Optimization

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